Why Do You Need Air Conditioner Repairs

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The air conditioner is one of the most used appliances in every home, especially in hot summer months. Without an indoor cooling system, it is naturally hard to spend uncomfortably hot summer months in most inhabited climates. This is no exception in Australia as well where the temperature may cross 40 degree Celsius. In such environmental condition, air conditioner cooling units are not a luxury but a necessity. As the weather heats up no one wants to face a non-operational air conditioner.

Whatever type of air conditioning you have, it may break down over time and repairing your system becomes a sensitive issue. While starting to use your air conditioner, you might face troubles as your cooling unit has nair conditioning serviceot been turned on since the last summer. If the refrigerant runs out or leaks, you will be facing issues, from motor heat-up to ice build-up in your air conditioning system. This may lead to permanent damage to your unit and even leave your house in danger of potential fire or explosion. Any homeowner does not want these troubles to happen. That is why having your air conditioner checked is crucial to make sure your cooling system is safe and efficient to use.

A refrigerant is the blood of your air conditioning system. So, without enough of it, your cooling unit can’t function properly and can damage your entire cooling system. So a regular maintenance can help save from expensive air conditioning repair or replacement. Given below are some common indicators if your AC’s refrigerant is running out.

Taking a longer time to cool off than normal

If your air conditioner is taking forever to cool off, leaving you sweaty indoors, then you may be low on refrigerant. Absorbing the heat in the air is the primary function of refrigerant. Without enough of it, enough heat can’t be absorbed by your cooling unit.

Producing bubbling or hissing sound

If your AC starts making noises such as hissing or bubbling, it is usually a sign of refrigerant leakage.

Building up ice on a refrigerant line

Your AC’s refrigerant level may low if you notice ice buildup on the outside AC unit’s refrigerant line. Without enough refrigerant, evaporator coil in the inside AC unit becomes excessively cold, making flow back of the cold liquid refrigerant to the refrigerant line. And the surrounding moisture on the refrigerant line builds up ice in the process.

Increasing electricity bills

Unusual hike in monthly electricity bill may also be a sign of low refrigerant level because your AC will take a longer time to cool off, consuming more electricity.

The flow back of refrigerant to your outside AC unit can damage the compressor, which can be very costly to replace. So, if your air conditioner starts failing to cool, forming ice crystals, grumbling, or whining, it is time to call a reliable air conditioning repair service and have your cooling unit examined and fixed it right away before further damage and expensive repair. They will fix the leak and add more refrigerant and make your cooling unit safe and efficiently functional, so you can enjoy the cool air again without trouble.