Typical Problems With Air Conditioners

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Breakdowns, methods for their removal, prevention, and repair of the air conditioner with their own hands is quite permissible if desired, and if the necessary theoretical knowledge and some work experience are available. Each of us is happy if we acquire new household equipment that makes our life more convenient and comfortable. The more household appliances we have, the easier it is for us to cope with household chores, our own home becomes more comfortable.

However, when buying equipment, no one can say for sure what time we can use it. The initial characteristics of the devices and their high-quality assembly at the enterprises do not always determine the period during which they will work properly. The duration of use of the equipment depends on the external factors in which it is operated, on the proper handling and proper care. Purchasing a new HVAC equipment will bring joy to the house, but to fully satisfy its work, you need to know about the rules for air conditioner repair yourself, because calling a professional will cost you a lot.

Problems in the air conditioner

Of course, the question arises whether it is possible to start repairing such complex equipment as an air conditioner on your own, without the help of experts? And it is interesting to everyone who purchased and installed in their home climate control equipment.

However, before finding the answer to this question, it is necessary to become familiar with what problems may arise during the operation of the climate system. There are many reasons for the breakdowns of ACs.

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The most common problems that arise during the operation of air conditioning equipment, and leading to the need for air conditioning repair, are the following:

  • Air conditioning reduces the production of heat or cold.
  • Condensate starts to leak due to clogged drainage.
  • It is impossible to turn on equipment that refuses to respond to commands sent by the control panel.
  • There is an unpleasant smell when operating the air conditioner.
  • If the air conditioner reduces the production of heat or cold, it means that it uses energy in vain, and does not fulfil its main function.

Therefore, you need to know what caused the decrease in equipment performance and how to fix the problem.

Reasons for reducing the power of the air conditioner

There are various reasons, the main of which can be considered:

Freon leak 

Freon is the main element of the air conditioning system, without which its work is impossible. Leaks can occur for technological reasons, and also occur by chance. It is necessary to check the tightness of the air-con system. In addition, it needs refuelling if necessary. The reasons for which there is a leak of freon in the AC.

Failure of the main components of the parts of the heat pump

This means that the operation of the evaporator, compressor, fan, valves, sensors or any control elements is disturbed. At the same time, it is necessary to replace defective components with new parts.

The emergence of various deviations in the electrical network

These include surges, dips and voltage drops. These problems are taken into account when connecting the climatic equipment to the home electrical networks. If possible, you should try to eliminate these problems, because otherwise, equipment malfunctions will become normal. Check and clean air conditioner filters.

Clogged filters

This is the most commonplace reason for the decrease in the performance of climate equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the filters, periodically and in time to clean the filter elements, which include impeller and fan, to clean the duct cavity. Cleaning of all units is carried out according to the recommendations of the manufacturer specified in the instructions issued to the air conditioner.

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Air Conditioner Diagnosis

However, not only the filters are clogged, but also other parts of the air conditioner. They also require periodic cleaning, otherwise, there are unpleasant problems, one of which is the flow of drainage.

The drainage pipe is not insured against the settling of garbage, which leads to clogging of the pipes, as a result of which the liquid in the indoor unit of the air conditioner flows out, making pools on the floor in the room. This is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon.

You can eliminate the leakage by performing a thorough cleaning of the drain line (remove foreign particles from it). In the winter season, leakage may occur due to the tube being blocked by an ice plug. To eliminate this problem, the optimal solution is to clean the evaporator, or additionally fill the AC with freon.

If the air conditioner refuses to work, does not show a reaction to the commands that are given to it by the remote control, then first check what the voltage in the electrical outlet. If you need a voltage change, use a special device – a multimeter. Definition and diagnostics of malfunctions of the conditioner.

If the multimeter shows that the voltage in the electrical network is normal for the device to work, then the cause of the fault is different. In order to carry out accurate diagnostics, first, pull out the power outlet and completely disconnect the climatic equipment.

After a minute, turn on the air con in the network. If nothing has changed, it may be necessary to replace the batteries in the control panel, which is not difficult to do on your own.

When working through the air conditioner, a large amount of air is passed through, which is not always of perfect quality. Therefore, quite often after a rather short time after installation, a new air conditioning system begins to emit unpleasant odours after switching on to the electricity grid.

The reasons may be different, but most often this smell comes from bacteria that accumulate on the filter elements of the AC. To get rid of this problem, you need to handle equipment filters with special antibacterial agents. It is not excluded the need for additional processing with the help of a steam generator of evaporator radiators.

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In which case the help of professionals is needed.

It is not always possible to deal with problems on their own. Sometimes you have to turn to professionals for help. This is necessary in the following cases:

  • If the failure did not cause any of the above reasons.
  • If you have done everything that is described and is an emergency conditioner but could not fix the problem.
  • If you are convinced that the problem appeared in an important and complex part of the device, which, for example, could be a compressor.

In these cases, you need to turn to a professional, because very rarely you can successfully repair’ the air conditioner compressor with your own hands. When you start this work, you risk the fact that after such a repair, the climatic equipment will never work. Then you will have to replace it completely, at best, any of its important and expensive components or parts will be subject to replacement. The timeliness and correctness of the service and maintenance work directly affect the duration and productivity of climate devices. The manual attached to the climate equipment contains information on what procedures and at what intervals are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the air conditioner.

Self-diagnostics of the conditioner

Almost all modern models of air conditioners have indicators that indicate faults. The definition of this is simple – the malfunction is shown on the indicator, flashing:

  • The failure of the thermistor, located in the indoor unit of the air conditioner.
  • The failure of the thermistor, located in the external unit.
  • Incorrect operation of one of the systems – cooling or heating
  • The system protecting the compressor from overloads is not included
  • Failure in the message of indoor and outdoor units of air conditioning. It is necessary to check the connecting cable
  • A malfunction of the executive devices of the external unit, or a problem with the power transistors
  • Problems in the external unit and the refrigerant pressure
  • Problems in the engine and fan motor
  • Malfunction of the valve
  • Violation of temperature conditions in the compressor case. Try to change the thermistor.
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Prevention of air conditioner breakdowns

To minimize the risk of failure of climate equipment, one should not forget about the timely prevention of its work, which should be carried out at least once a month. The preventive measures for normal operation of the indoor unit are as follows:

  • Surface cleaning – wiping with a damp cloth and detergent.
  • Conduct thorough washing of blinds from dust and dirt accumulated on them.
  • Check fasteners.
  • Check of pressure and extraordinary refuelling of the system with freon, if an insufficient amount of it is detected.
  • Check the batteries in the remote control.
  • Check the heat exchanger for the appearance of frost. Monitoring the value of the air temperature at the inlet to the unit.
  • Cleaning the filter system.
  • Check the operation of the air conditioner in different modes.

To carry out maintenance work, it is necessary to lift the front cover of the air conditioner and remove the filter, which is then rinsed under cold water using a cleaning agent. It is possible to install the filter back only after its complete drying.

Preventive measures that are necessary for the normal operation of the street unit are:

  • Conducted enhanced cleaning – blowing with compressed air to rid the device of dust accumulations and tree fluff.
  • Check wall strength for durability.

To perform the correct repair of air conditioning equipment, an instruction manual for its operation is necessary, since only it helps to develop into a difficult device of an air conditioner. And repairing the aircon system without special knowledge can be dangerous not only to the equipment but also to the person.