Top Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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An air conditioner’s coils, fins and filters often need maintenance regularly for the unit in order to function efficiently and effectively throughout the years of service. When you neglect its necessary maintenance, it will never serve you thus ensuring a steady decline in air conditioning performance at the same time increasing its energy use steadily. Here are the air conditioning repair and maintenance tips for homeowners:

  1. Air Conditioner Filters

You should ensure that you know most significant maintenance tasks that will make sure the level of efficiency of the air conditioner to increase remarkably, when you clean or replace them regularly. Clogged and dirty filters may sometimes block the normal flow of air while reducing the efficiency of the system significantly.

With normal obstruction of airflow, air will bypass the given filter by carrying dirt to the evaporator coil directly while impairing the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil. When you replace this dirty and clogged filter, you will increase the energy consumption of air conditioning by about 5 -15%.

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  1. Air Conditioner Coils

The evaporator coil, as well as condenser coil of the air conditioner, often collect dirt within their months after given years of service. By cleaning the filter as a way of preventing the evaporator coil, you will increase its lifespan by soiling it quickly. This means that you will learn how to increase its lifespan in the best way possible.

During the process, you will minimize debris and dirt near the main condenser unit. Your falling leaves, dryer vents, and even lawn mower will have potential sources of debris and dirt. By cleaning the main area around your coil to remove any debris, you will allow for sufficient airflow around the main condenser.

  1. Coil Fins

The aluminium fins on an evaporator as well as condenser coils can be easily bent thus can block any airflow via the coil. When buying them from the market, you will always be contented with the quality that you would need to increase the durability of your air conditioner.

  1. Condensate Drains

Occasionally you can pass a stiff wire via the drain channels units. In many cases, clogged drain channels can prevent your unit from reducing its humidity, thus resulting in excess moisture that may discolour carpet or walls. You should do this regularly to increase its durability.

  1. Use Window Seals for the Room Air Conditioners

At the beginning of every cooling season, you need to inspect the seals in between the window frame and air conditioner by making sure that it makes contact with the metal case of the unit. Moisture can sometimes damage this seal by allowing cool air to easily escape from the house.

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  1. Cleaning of the Cooling Fan (Heat Exchanger)

Cleaning the Cooling Fan (Heat Exchanger) will help in bringing back that effectiveness by keeping a low level of electricity consumption. Before the season of cooling begins, you should confirm that your cooling fan is properly clean. In case it is dirty, you should ensure that you clean it well.

In conclusion, you should always remember these air conditioning maintenance tips to help secure your home.