Top 5 Most Common Home Electrical Services

electrical services

Electricity is a basic need for all of us, and we, therefore, expect it to follow seamlessly when we need it. However, there are those times when all is not well.

High bills, surging electricity or shocks could all be an indicator that it’s time for electrical service.

Here are the top 5 common home electrical services for which you may need a professional electrician.

1. Very Frequent Electrical Surges

Lightening, faulty appliances, damaged power lines and poor wiring among others are the reasons why many homes experience surging electricity. Where a genuine surge happens in a bleak of an eye, experiencing frequent ones can spell real danger to you as well as your property. It’s usually due to the above causes.

Surges can severely damage electrical components that are connected to your home, reducing their expectancy in the process. If you have a frequent power surge, contact a professional electrician to carry out a thorough inspection to ascertain the source of the problem and fix it.

2. Poorly Performing Light Switches

Products that are sub-standard or poorly done electrical work can make switches dimmer as well as cause them to fail to properly adjust the light.

In case you are new in a home and discover that the switches are acting up, it could be an indicator that your switches’ fixtures were removed or that they themselves were suspended.

It could also mean that your outlet is faulty or even the circuit or the very wiring system. Always ensure that you call in a professional electrician to fix anomalies in your power units as doing it yourself is highly risky.

3. Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breaker

When power-consuming appliances are plugged into the same power source especially if they are high wattage appliances such as hairdryers and microwaves, they tend to cause circuit breakers to trip. Circuit breakers are intended to protect electricity users against harm so when they trip, it’s a good thing- they are doing their job.

To avoid circuit breaker tripping, limit using power-consuming items in a single circuit or lower the settings of items like hairdryers. Should this become an everyday problem, contact a professional.

4. Electrical Shocks

Experiencing an electric shock is very perturbing especially if it’s in your own home. They are a reminder of how dangerous electricity is. They usually happen if you turn on or off a faulty device.

The problem could be two way; the appliance having a damage or the wiring system being faulty. It is imperative that you call in a professional electrician to carry out an electrical service to find out the actual source of the problem. Never attempt to rectify electric problems on your own as this could be very fatal.

5. Light Bulbs That Are Burning Out too Often

Various reasons could be the source of your premature bulb replacement problem including but not limited to; the wattage of some of your home appliances being too high, the insulation being very close to the light, when the circuit is poorly wired, the mains being poorly wired, one switch having too much wattage especially the dimmer switches.

However, when you also experience flickering, chances are high that you have some poor circuit connection. Again, call in a professional electrician to offer you professional help in rectifying this.


It is very important that you remember to call a professional electrician to handles all your electrical services as attempting to do it yourself could lead to disastrous results.