Top 5 Light Switch Wiring Problems That You Should Know

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When doing light switch wiring in your house, you should be aware of the problems that you can solve if you want to make your home safe. By making sure that you do all these in the right way, you will always be able to improve the safety as well as security of your home remarkably. In addition, you should make sure that you follow the instructions during installation if you want to do it right. Here the light switch wiring problems that you should know today: 

1. Failing to detect your common wire

When you want to wire a new switch, you must find that common wire. Using a common wire, you can easily identify your screw that will make it work especially when you need a good option. By connecting the same wire to some common screw especially on the new dimmer switch, you should ensure that you do it properly since it will determine whether your lights will work or not when using more than one switch.

2. Failing to check both switches

Before you start putting up your tools to tidy work area, you should make sure that all lights do work from all light switches. By failing to check on both switches, you should find those switches that do not work. Alternatively, you can pull all tools out before removing the switch as a way of determining the main problem. By troubleshooting, you can always check whether both switch plates are working properly before installation.

3. Not buying the right size of the switch 

It is important that you calculate the maximum wattage fixture prior to you buying your dimmer switch. Why is this important? By making sure that your maximum wattage is clearly marked or marked on the fixture, you will reduce the chances of making mistakes. How do you do it? You should take out your bulb to read it if it works well. After noticing the correct number that will help you in determining the correct size of your switch, you can go ahead and make your purchase.

4. Not grounding your switch

By locating the ground wire before connecting it to the main switch as well; you will enhance the safety of your home. Why is it essential? With ground wire, you will prevent any form of stray current or power from electrocuting your possessions and family members. You should ensure that you use a ground wire that white, bare, or green whenever you want to enhance your house security.

5. Installing Improper bulbs

The market today has a lot of improper bulbs that many people buy without knowing. You should ensure that you shop for dimmer switches with modern fluorescent or light bulbs capable of saving energy. You can always buy incandescent bulbs that exist in the market if you want to enhance power efficiency in your home. 

In conclusion, the above are some of the top five light switch wiring problems that you should know when looking for ways to enhance the safety as well as security of your home.