Some Common Air Conditioner System Repair Issues

Although your air conditioning system problem may be associated with numerous factors and may need to be accessed and repaired by certified technicians, there are few factors that are fairly common. Most AC problems are caused by improper installation, defective service procedures, poor maintenance, etc.

Duct leakage and low airflow are mostly the results of improper installation. When your air conditioning system installation is done by unqualified technicians, they often fail to match refrigerant charging with the manufacturer’s specifications. So, when the refrigerant charging is not properly done, your AC unit’s performance and efficiency will be impaired. An improper operation such as opening windows and doors while your AC is on can also lead to problems.

Let us explore some common air conditioning problems, which if not checked at the earliest may result in costly repairs and various other risks.

Electric control failure

Faulty or poor wiring performed by unqualified technicians during installation may lead to electric control failure which can be highly risky with potential fire hazards. Poor wiring can also trip the circuit breaker and may block the system from receiving power. Also when it frequently happens to turn your AC on and off, the fan and compressor controls may become deteriorated leading to electrical failure. So checking electrical terminals and connections is required during routine servicing.

Refrigerant leak problems

Another most common air conditioning system problem is getting low on refrigerant. It is mostly caused either by leakage or the unit being undercharged during installation, leading to improper functioning of your unit and eventually it will stop working. This problem can’t be fixed by simply adding more refrigerant. A well-qualified technician should be engaged to check the leakage and perform required repairs with the correct amount of refrigerant so your AC unit will provide you with the greatest performance and efficiency.

Sensor problems

Your AC’s sensor that is located behind the control panel, measures air temperature coming into the evaporative coil. If it is not positioned correctly, your AC may function erratically. It must be placed near the coil but not touching it. So, during any routine check-up, if you find sensor knocked out of the position, then carefully bend the wire to adjust its position.

Outside fan problems

The outside fan helps transfer the heat from indoor to the outside. If it is not performing properly due to outside unit malfunctions, the compressor of your AC may become overloaded and overheated and may potentially lead to internal damage to the compressor.

Frozen coil

A frozen coil is often caused by low-level refrigerant, and may also indicate airflow issues such as obstructed return air ductwork, filthy air filters, etc. A certified technician can quickly access these issues and fix with a necessary repair.

You can review the above problems and determine whether you need your AC system inspected or repaired.