With years of expertise and experience in HVAC industry, Repair-Service provides a wide range of air conditioner system repair and maintenance services in Australia including residential and commercial and has sustained an outstanding customer satisfaction rating.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Services

AC Repair

Is your AC system (home/office) not functioning properly or has it stopped working completely due to refrigerant leakage, sensor problem, electrical control failure, drainage issues, outer unit failure, etc, then our certified, knowledgeable and experienced technicians can assess your AC issues thoroughly and provide you the right fix. We also provide 24/7emergency repair service.

AC Replacement

Has your AC system run out of time and needed a replacement? Then our certified technicians and professionals can help you choose the right AC system for home or office. They will make sure that your new AC unit is properly installed to provide you maximum performance.

AC Installation

Do you need a new AC system installation for either home or office? Then our qualified and insured technicians can provide fast and professional services, making sure everything is performed under industry guidelines to ensure safe and optimum efficiency.

AC Maintenance

Did you know that about 80% of all AC repairs may be avoided with regular maintenance? Our qualified technicians can perform routine assessment in your unit to identify potential problems at the earliest so you can avoid expensive repairs. Our preventive maintenance services can also help boost your AC unit’s lifespan .

Indoor Air Quality Services

Did you know that your indoor air can be worse than the air outside? Polluted indoor air can put your family’s health at serious risk, causing diseases like asthma, allergies, etc. And hence maintaining high quality indoor air is crucial to live healthy. Our indoor air quality team of professionals can help create your indoor (home or business) environment cleaner and safer with a reliable air purification system.