Outdoor Lighting Repair Improves The Security Of Your Home

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It’s proven through research that people feel safer at night in places where they can see around them, which includes your home too. You feel better if you can take a look at the back garden from the safety of your bedroom or patio window whenever you hear a noise to check if it’s a cat or an unwanted intruder.

You feel safer if you can see what’s happening around you at night, which is possible only if you fit outdoor lighting. Moreover, there is a high chance of external lighting making a criminal think twice about entering your home or doing something amiss. This is because he’s convinced by the light that whatever he attempts to do will be seen by your neighbours, you or maybe a CCTV camera if you have one.

Common external light problems

However, it’s not enough to just install outdoor lighting. It has to be maintained well by professional electrical services, and all outdoor lighting repairs have to be taken care of as soon as possible.

There are basically two main outdoor lighting repairs your external lights are prone to. These problems are not that major a problem, but if not repaired, can lead to other problems.

Burnt out lights

electrical repairsBurnt out light bulbs are very common as there are so many incandescent and halogen external lighting systems. However, this is not that minor a problem! Supposing it’s part of a DIY lighting system, it may have bulbs installed in the ‘daisy chain’ wiring method where the first light is bright, the second dimmer and so forth. Eventually, none of the lamps gets the right voltage and ends up permanently burnt out.

Even professional-grade external lightings with multi-tap transformers are balanced to work between 10.5 and 11.5 volts. So based on the wire size, it’s distance from the transformer and transformer voltage tap, a single burnt bulb can send too much voltage to the other lights in the circuit and burn them out permanently. This is why regular, bi-annual maintenance of your outdoor system with a complete re-lamping every two years by professional electrical services is a must to prevent these outdoor lighting repairs.

Connection problems

Problems with connections are another cause for external lighting repairs. This is mainly due to poor installation. For example, some installers make connections by poking holes in the wire jacket and wire stands, which water easily seeps through.

electrical servicesThen there are installers who use standard red and yellow wire nuts and bury the wire in the ground which water enters the standard connection during a hard rain or while watering the lawn to cause a short circuit

There are also some who make bad connections by just stripping off some of the main wire’s jacket, wrapping the fixture wire around it and then wrapping it all in an electrical tape which is very dangerous. The best way to prevent outdoor lighting repair is by always using waterproof connectors to make connections.

Now you know the common external lighting problems, you can prevent them and unnecessary outdoor lighting repairs to increase the safety and security of your home by hiring a professional electrician for periodical maintenance and repairs.