Know When You Need Air Conditioning Repair

air conditioner repair

Summer just started, and in the middle of an unusually hot day indoors, the aircon system does not work.  If it sounds familiar, then you probably need an air conditioning repair checklist.

Before your system conks out it shows some signs that the breakdown is coming. If you can identify these issues ahead of time, you can prevent complete system failures.

1. The Air Con System Does Not Produce Cool Air

Cooling systems sometimes fail to work as they should, or they may even stop working entirely. One common problem with air-con systems is failing to produce cold air.  When cranked up to the maximum coldest temperature setting and no cold air comes out it signals a problem.

It may point out to compressor problems, or the Freon levels could be on the lower side. Depending on the particular problem, you may need to replace your cooling system.

2. The System Does Not Distribute Air Effectively

In the event of little or no airflow coming from your AC vents, it signals compressor failure. Sometimes, the system does not distribute cold air efficiently. The uneven cooling points out to an issue with the ducting system. Air conditioning repair on ductwork is urgent and needs the services of a cooling system professional.

Debris buildups within the vents can also obstruct airflow. It also affects the quality of airflow and poses potential health risks. The cooling system distributes “unclean air” throughout your home if the air vents remain uncleaned. Cleaning the vents might do the trick and restore proper airflow distribution.

3. Thermostat Control Issues

The problem could originate from the thermostat. The thermostat functions as the user interface that sends and receives communication from the air con. You can tell that your thermostat has a problem if you have to keep resetting it.

Every home has a standard cooling threshold. When that temperature does not provide adequate cooling, it means that the thermostat could be the problem. However, uneven cooling problems may also signal a problem with the ductworks.

4.  Unusual Noises Coming From The Unit

Screeching, grinding, and pounding sounds from your ventilation system mean that it has an internal problem. When you do not service the unit as needed, it eventually leads to costly breakdowns.

The noises may come from the belt slipping out of place or it could indicate that metal components need lubrication. They could also signal to problems with broken motor bearings.

5. Pungent Smells Coming From The System

If you get a whiff of burning smells or any other strange odours coming from the system it also signals a problem. It could be the air con’s wire insulation have burnt out. Musty smells signal to the presence of mould inside the ductwork or the cooling unit. These issues need an air conditioning repair technician to carry out immediate repairs.

air conditioner service

Most of these cooling system problems are avoidable and preventable. Regular air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups can help you avoid costly repairs.  Tune-ups also contribute to keeping your cooling system in top shape and prolong its lifespan.

The costs of air conditioning repair are quite high but avoidable with proper system care. It means calling in the experts when needed and looking out for the outlined issues. Remember that it is better to fix the negligible issues immediately before they lead to an aircon system breakdown.