How You Can Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

air conditioning service

Air conditioning systems are probably one of the most used cooling systems, next to electric fans, during hot seasons and especially in places where humid weather conditions are always present. We all know that AC units are made up of very complicated components that an average person, with no basic knowledge about tools and fixing equipment, will find it hard to fix when it comes to a point where the unit suddenly malfunctions or worse, it stops working. This is where air conditioning service providers come in the picture; they’re the ones who check your cooling unit if something unusual is happening. Air conditioning services include installations, repairs, regular maintenance, and cleaning. Technicians are supposed to check up your units by making sure that the air conditioner has the right amount of refrigerant, check for leakages such as refrigerant leaks and duct leaks, inspect oil motors and belts to see if there are signs of wearing out, check if the cooling unit’s thermostat is accurate, and a lot more complex measures.

With those being said, you should always keep in mind that if there’s anything wrong about your cooling unit, you must not try to do any unnecessary actions that you think will help to fix the damage. By doing such things, you’re only helping air conditioning deal more damage than what it already has. If you really force it, chances are:

  1. You’ll get grounded; air conditioners are huge electricity dependent and if you try to do any actions regarding it, you’d end up in the hospital for electrifying physical injuries and the likes.
  2. You’ll be exposed to unwanted chemicals; these units rely on too much chemical and refrigerants to make your room cool and maintain it. If you get exposed to these poisonous substances due to stubbornness and lack of safety equipment, you may get extremely ill or you’ll accidentally start chemical spills.
  3. You’ll spend more money; while you’re performing air conditioning unit repair operations, think of all the time, non-important effort and money spent on tools and the unknown result of your work. Things would’ve been so much easier if you just decided to call for the professional service providers.
  4. You’ll not finish the task because of limited knowledge about the unit; if there’s a chance for you to completely finish the work needed successfully, it would be so little. Chances are you won’t really finish it OR you finished it but it’s only temporary, and the issue will bring you to the same situation.

air conditioning service


As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You don’t necessarily have to check your air conditioning unit literally from time to time; you just have to make sure that the unit is in good condition, regularly. With the proper maintenance and right usage, you can always keep technicians and expenses away, except when the units need a general check-up. Here are some points you’d want to remember:

  1. Clean or replace (if needed) the filters; this will have something to do with the efficiency of the unit as clogged filters will block the airflow of the system.
  2. Comb the aluminium fins on the evaporator and condenser coils; misalignment of these fins will also cause airflow blockage in the system.
  3. Unclog the drain channels; you can do so by passing a wire through the channels. This prevents wall discolouration from moisture that’s brought by the blogged drain channels.