How To Install A Ceiling Fan In Your Apartment

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In modern architecture, installing a ceiling fan is one of the best ways to warm up your apartment or make it cool. What’s more, it is hassle-free, durable and affordable.

No matter how large or small your room might be, ceiling fan installation can be done easily with some equipment and the right guide. Keep in mind to get the landlord’s approval before getting started.

Necessary tools

  • Ceiling fan
  • Ladder
  • Plier
  • Neon light for testing
  • Junction box
  • Screws
  • Lock washer
  • Mounting tool

Keep in mind to get the landlord’s approval before getting started.

  1. Measure the middle

Nearly all ceiling fans are installed in the middle of the house, which often replaced a lighting system. To determine this location, you can use two chalk lines diagonally across your room. The best area to implement a ceiling fan installation is the one where both lines cross the joist.

Ideally, a ceiling fan should be fixed approximately 9 to 11 inches from the ceiling and 8 feet from the ground.

  1. Set up the junction box

First, make sure to turn off the major electrical fuse in your home. Next, track and cut out the fan-rated junction box by using a sheetrock saw. Take the hex-head screws to fix the box into the joist.

Make sure to perform this step carefully because some models can weigh up to 35 or 40 pounds. Even though most ceiling fans come with a standard mount, some need a specific mount for angled or beamed ceiling.

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  1. Assemble and connect the fan to the junction box

Depending on the models and brands, you can face various mechanisms to assemble a ceiling fan. In case the gap between the fan and the ceiling is no more than 11 inches, it is better, to begin with assembling the motor to the blades before fixing the fan into the ceiling. At the edge of the motor, you need to put the hanger pipe to the correct hole and pull the right wires in the fan’s centre.

Use a screw to fix the pipe in that place. In most cases, a fan blade comes with a 2-pronged attachment. Thus, you can tighten in the prong, but remember not so tight to avoid any damage to the surface. Lastly, attach the hanger bracket into the junction box with lock washers and screws.

  1. Wire the ceiling fan

Based on the below standard to wire the ceiling fan:

  • White wire with fan white
  • Black wire with fan blue or black
  • Green wire with fan green or ground

Set up a neon light to test the electrical system with power. Make sure to check white to black and ground to black if it lights. Similarly, ensure that white to ground shouldn’t light.

A significant thing to remember is that it is not legal to set up fixed electric wiring in some places if you are not a professional electrician with a license. What’s more, it is necessary to have a look at the local and national standards as they provide many useful guides for ceiling fan installation.