How to Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

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Your air conditioner’s average lifespan is usually about 15 years. However, many air conditioners often develop issues earlier than their average lifespan and fail to work properly or even stop functioning completely due to various factors such as low-quality products, improper use, lack of routine maintenance, etc. So, here are a few important tips you consider to increase your cooling system’s lifespan and make the most of the investment in it.

Use high-efficiency AC units and energy-saving settings

High-efficiency air conditioners are usually built with better equipment that normally offers features such as two stage compressors, variable speed air handlers, etc. Not only do these features save energy, but they also apply less pressure on your cooling system, resulting in less wear-and-tear and eventually longer lifespan. Also using energy-saving thermostat settings can also lessen the load on your AC.

Have routine maintenance scheduled

Routine maintenance is one of the most crucial necessities to increase your AC’s lifespan. Such a scheduled maintenance will check any kind of operating issues before getting worse. This regular tune-up will maximize your system’s efficiency and performance, increasing the longevity of the unit. In a routine maintenance procedure, the performance and efficiency of your AC unit will be assessed for various issues related to refrigerant leakage, sensor problem, electrical control failure, airflow problems, drainage issues, outer unit failure, etc. In this way you can figure out any development of issues in your air conditioner and get fixed before putting more stress on your unit, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Hire a qualified and experienced technician

Working with a qualified and experienced technician is a crucial factor for maximizing the lifespan of your AC unit. Only a skilled technician can perform a proper installation to ensure the maximum performance and efficiency of your system. Charging the right amount of refrigerant and performing electrical control correctly, etc. are essential during installation to prevent common air conditioner problems. This can only be ensured by working with qualified and experienced technicians. So, by installing your AC in a proper way that matches manufacturer’s specifications, your cooling unit will run longer than those installed with improper methods.

For any questions regarding how to increase your air conditioner’s lifespan, or for any AC issues, contact a reputable air conditioner repair company.