Heating And Cooling Systems- What Works Out For You

heating and cooling


The lack of a heating and cooling system in your home can prove to be an unpleasant experience, just like a leaking roof during the rainy season. Nothing compares to a poorly heated house when Jack Frost decides to unleash his wrath during the winter season. The reverse is also true during the hot summer season. Heat strokes become a common occurrence that may sadly end up in death. It’s a common experience during such seasons; hence, it’s vital to ensure that the heating and cooling system remains functional at all times, irrespective of the season. Luckily, lady luck is upon us as most HVAC companies tend to address both aspects. In case you’re wondering what would be the appropriate heating and cooling system for your home, you are precisely in the right place. Read on.

Central Air Heating and Cooling System

When settling for an AC unit, it’s imperative to know what will work best for your home. Due to the unprecedented developments that we are currently experiencing in this industry, it’s essential to understand what works best for you since some might address your preferences better than others. The most common way to supply heating and cooling effect is through central air, where the house gets fitted with a network of vents. These vents provide heating and cooling effect on demand. The only downside to it is that extensive installation is required to supply the desired impact through walls and floors in every room. You’ll financially drain your pockets if your home doesn’t have a pre-installed existing system that your contractor can build upon during the initial stages of an AC unit installation.

Radiant Heating System

It typically gets achieved by covering your entire floor with flooring designed to transfer heat to every corner, thereby getting rid of cold zones. Such a method is achievable in various ways, with the most common being an electrically heated wiring system placed under the floor. Despite its immense popularity, one usually gets advised to enlist the services of a professional to evaluate what would work best when it comes to your home.

A significant disadvantage when it comes to a radiant heating system is that it doesn’t provide the needed air conditioning during the winter season. On the contrary, most central air systems will use the same duct used by the heating element to provide the cooling effect as experienced in most air conditioning units. For those living in areas that rarely get hot, installing both systems would work to your advantage.


One can always get a smaller air conditioning unit for their house in case they live in areas that rarely get too hot. People have been using them despite them being not too comfortable compared to a central air system. However, the ultimate choice lies with you. Whichever heating and cooling system you decide on, be sure that you end up holding the longer end of the stick. Your family may as well thank you for it.