Do Pets Cause Damage to Your Ducted air conditioner

The ugly pests crawling around your home does more harm than scare and disturb you. For example, did you know that those creepy mice, rats and cockroaches may also be the reason for your faulty ducted air conditioner?

How pests damage your AC

Though this is hard to believe, it is true as rats and mice especially can chew and damage your ducted AC unit’s cables and wires. As these wires and cables are necessary for the working of your air conditioners the only way you can get your AC working again is by replacing them. air conditioning repair adelaide

Besides, there is also the possibility of pests getting stuck in your AC unit’s electrical parts and thus damage it. In fact, many a time ducted air conditioner repair technicians find that stuck pests are the reason for complaints of ACs not working, and there’s nothing wrong with the AC.

Prevention is always better than cure

Pest related ducted air conditioner repair work can get expensive for the customer as it includes the labour costs, cost of new parts and the call out fee as this sort of damage and defect is not covered in the warranty.

This is why it’s better to prevent such problems from arising by calling in pest professionals as they can prevent pest infections in the first place. They use fumigation and deterrents to prevent infestations while mice traps, bait poison or any other pest trap are used to take care of existing pest infestation.

If your AC is new, you may as well place some moth balls into the AC as it helps keep pests away. All this does not cost much, but go a long way in preventing pests and unnecessary damage and repair to your ducted air conditioner.

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What technicians do if there are pests in the AC?

There are certain things service technicians do if they find out a pest is a cause for the air conditioner damage. They first have to find out which fused and electronic parts the pests have damaged. Once the part is detected, they have to analyze the condition to find out how much damage has been caused, and how much repair is needed.

This is when they give a detailed report of the problem and an estimation of the related air conditioner repair costs. Most of the time, the part has to be replaced, and the technician places an order for the necessary parts.

As these parts usually reach them a fortnight after placing the order, the technician can replace the faulty part only after two weeks. They then check to ensure the AC is working right after installing the new part. If everything is right, you can use and enjoy your AC again, after the 2 weeks’ break.

All this proves that as a ducted air conditioner owner, you need to do two things. You need to call the pest control company periodically to prevent a pest infestation and have your AC serviced regularly as the air conditioning repair technician will be able to notice if any pests have entered the AC, and prevent them from causing any major damage.