Common Causes and Solutions for An Air Conditioner Compressor Not Working

Your air conditioning unit is probably one of the most valued appliances in your home, especially at the peak of the summer months.

But picture this scenario: it’s approaching midday on what is perhaps the hottest day of the year. You reach out for the remote on your air conditioner, eager for relief from the heat, but your air conditioner inexplicably would not turn on.

Unfortunately, an air conditioning unit can encounter multiple issues. In the event that your air conditioner does not turn on, a likely reason would be that there is a problem with your air conditioner’s compressor.

The problem with the air conditioner compressor not working is that it affects how the entire air conditioning unit works. This would often lead to noises coming out of the air conditioner, the lack of cool air coming out of the appliance, or the air conditioning unit not starting entirely.

Here is a list of things you can do to deal with the air conditioner compressor not working:

  1. Do a quick and simple check-up of the air conditioning unit

While you can assume that when an air conditioner malfunctions, it is highly likely due to the air conditioner compressor not working, there are also a number of minor issues that could have caused it. In order to rule these out, do a simple check of your air conditioner. Check that the electrical source is supplying power to the appliance. Ensure that all settings are in place and correct. Once you are able to eliminate these as probable causes of the malfunction, you can investigate further.

  1. Check the pressure gauge on your air conditioner

An incorrect pressure in the air conditioning unit’s compressor can lead to the air conditioner’s inability to produce cool air. Use the air conditioner’s manual to determine the correct pressure that the gauges should reflect, and if you find any discrepancies, contact your AC technician immediately for assistance.

  1. Look for faulty or damaged wiring in the electrical system

Oftentimes an air conditioner will not turn on at all when the compressor has been burnt out. When the wiring on an air conditioner’s electrical system is exposed or damaged, it can lead to a short or a burn between the compressor and the motor.

Should you find that your air conditioner is unable to start, check on the electrical system as soon as you’ve done the basic check of the unit to no definite results. And if you are able to identify the burnt out compressor as the problem, contact an AC repair service provider immediately so they can resolve the issue.

  1. Inspect the air conditioner’s motor for any problems

An air conditioner’s compressor may overheat or overload due to a fault in the electrical system of the unit. In order to confirm this, find the motor on your air conditioner and see if the reset button has popped out. Make sure the motor has cooled down before you press the reset button, and try to turn on the air conditioning unit again.