Bad Smell- A Consequence of Poor Air Conditioner Maintenance

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It’s but natural that you expect fresh and cool air when you switch on your air conditioner. However, poor air conditioner maintenance can lead to the unit emitting a foul odour when you switch it on. This bad smell ruins the refreshing sensation you’d expected from the air conditioner and can permeate throughout the room and house. While there are many reasons for a foul smelling air conditioner, here are some common causes.

  1. Accumulation of mould and mildew

If you live in an area which is high in humidity, there is a chance of the unit’s interiors becoming moist whenever you switch on your air conditioner. The problem with this is that with time, the dust which accumulates in the air conditioner combines with the internal moisture. This creates the perfect atmosphere for bacterial growth and for mould and mildew to start thriving. It’s dangerous having mould and mildew in your air conditioning in Sydney Australia as it ends up spreading through the unit. So this mould and mildew can be the cause of any mouldy or musty smell you notice coming from your air conditioner.

  1. Trapped and decomposed insects

There is always a chance of rodents, insects and birds entering the aircon vent, getting trapped there and eventually dying. Its body obviously starts decomposing, and the air which passes through the decomposing animal starts emitting a foul smell like rotting eggs which makes you dread switching on the air conditioner. The only remedy for this is removing the animal’s corpse and thoroughly cleaning your unit.

  1. Humidity problems

It’s true that an air conditioner cools your home, but not many remember that it also dehumidifies your home by removing both heat and moisture from your home. However, if the air conditioner you use is too big for your room, while it may cool the room, it may not be able to properly dehumidify the air. This increases the environmental humidity which in turn leads to your aircon getting exposed to excess moisture and consequent mould and mildew growth which eventually emits a foul odour.

  1. Clogged filters

Poor reverse cycle air conditioning maintenance in Sydney in the form of a clogged filter is a common cause for a foul smelling air conditioner. The filter is meant to collect, and prevent dirt, dust and other small particles from entering the air conditioner. However if left unattended for too long, air passing through the clogged filter starts smelling. So if you notice your aircon smells bad like feet, it’s probably just because of a clogged filter!

  1. Refrigerant Leak

If you notice your air conditioner giving a gas or fume-like smell, it could be because of the refrigerant gas leaking. Don’t neglect if you think a leaking refrigerant is a cause for the smell. You need to have your system checked as soon as possible to avoid more damage to the system. The odour is remedied once the leak is plugged and refrigerant gas is refilled. Now you know the possible causes for the bad smell in your air conditioner, you may also be able to resolve the problem yourself. However as prevention is always better than cure, it’s better to practice regular home air conditioning service to reduce the chances of any foul smell in the first place!