AC Malfunctioning? Learn If You Should Repair Or Replace It

AC Malfunctioning

Just because you have a problem with your air conditioner, it doesn’t mean you have to replace it. In some instances, you may be able to use air conditioner repair services. Whenever you encounter problems with your air conditioner, there are several things you should take into consideration. How old is it? Is the problem electrical related? These are all factors that should determine whether you repair or replace your unit. Read on to learn more about whether you should get it replaced or use an air conditioner repair service.

1) Age

If you have issues with an air conditioner that’s more than 10 years old, it probably wouldn’t be worth repairing it. Back in 2010, Ac manufacturers started using a new refrigerant which is much safer than the refrigerant they used to put in their units. In addition to that a newer system will be able to run more energy efficiently. Therefore, if your AC unit is relatively old, you should replace it if you encounter significant issues.

2) Run A Duck Leakage Test

If your air conditioning unit isn’t working as efficiently as it used to, you may be having issues with the unit’s ductwork. As air conditioners age, their ductwork starts to leak air. In some instances, it may leak up to 30% of its air, by the time it goes into your room. This can cause your utility bills to rise considerably as your unit works harder to compensate for the loss of air. Fortunately, you can get your ductworks evaluated by a professional. By contacting a professional they will conduct a duck-leakage test to determine how much air is escaping the system. If they believe that the ducts are not efficient anymore, you can get a brand new one for less than $50. In addition to that, a technician can suggest ductwork improvements as well as replace any other mechanical component that’s not as efficient as it used to be.

3) Maintenance

Another thing you should do is, to be honest with yourself about your maintenance procedures. Simply said. Have you maintained the unit? Or did you neglect it? Maintenance can mean all the difference when it comes to the longevity of air conditioning units. Statistics show that 50% of all problems come from the fact that the homeowner did not conduct good maintenance practices. You can determine if you have been doing this by answering the following.

  • Filters are supposed to be changed every 3 months at a minimum. Have you ever replaced the filter?
  • Environmental debris such as twigs and dust particles can cause blockages. Did you ensure that your unit remains free of dust and debris?
  • Units are supposed to get tune-ups at least once per year. Did you do an annual tune-up?

If it is apparent that you haven’t been doing good maintenance procedures, you may be able to salvage your unit by getting a technician to evaluate it.

4) Expenses

Even though you may want a new unit, it pays to be realistic about your monthly expenses. The reality is a repair can help to preserve the life of a unit by a few months or a few years. Therefore, it’s worth noting that you can save as much as 70% in expenses by using the services of an air conditioner repair service.