4 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore When It Comes to Air Conditioning Problems

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There comes a point in every homeowner’s life when one of his home appliances conks out on him for seemingly no reason whatsoever. This is particularly true for the air conditioner in your home. If you aren’t sure what to do when your air conditioning unit acts up, read on to learn more about the surefire signs that mean you need to call your air conditioning repair technician immediately.

1. You air conditioning unit is not making your room any cooler.

Have you had the air conditioner on for a while but can’t seem to feel the room get any cooler? When this happens and you inspect your air conditioner only to realize that there’s absolutely no cool air blowing out from its vents, this is a surefire indication that you need to call for air conditioning service. There could be a number of causes as to why there is no cool air coming out of your air conditioner, and your air conditioning technician will be able to easily identify and solve the problem.

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2. Your air conditioning unit keeps turning off on its own.

You just turned on the air conditioner, but after a few hours, you realize your bedroom is feeling a little warmer because your air conditioner has mysteriously turned off. You don’t recall setting a timer for it to turn off on its own.

It’s not a fluke, nor a random glitch – your air conditioner regularly turning off on its own means there is something wrong with it. There could be a number of reasons, such as a dirty filter, or a clogged condensate drain, but to know for sure, you should call your trusty ac repairs expert.  

3. You detect foul odours and pungent smells coming from your air conditioning unit.

If you or any of your family members notice strange smells coming out of any of the vents of your air conditioning system, depending on the smell, there might be a couple things going wrong with your air conditioners, such as mould growth, or burnt wire insulation. Contact your air conditioner technician immediately for a proper inspection.



4. Your air conditioner is not releasing any air.

So you can turn on your air conditioner, but even while it’s turned on, there’s no air coming out of it. Such instances are usually an indication that the compressor of your air conditioning unit might be failing on you. And unfortunately, there’s no way you can identify this accurately until you call for the services of your air conditioning technician.

For a central air conditioning system, on the other hand, if you notice that some rooms in your home are getting cool air while others remain warm, there might be a problem with your air conditioning system’s ductwork.

This can happen when debris clogs your home’s air conditioning vents, obstructing the flow of air in the system and also posing potential health risks to the inhabitants of your home. Call our air conditioning repair team immediately to help you properly identify and solve this problem.