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Gas Heater Not Turning On? – Here Are The Possible Reasons

So it’s cold outside and the gas heater is not turning on. Yes, you have a problem. If your heater breaks down during winter, then it’s time for you to call an HVAC expert. But before the guys show up, you must first endure a world of discomfort. Before this nightmare scenario happens, it’s useful to understand why gas heaters stop working in the first place. What are the common causes of gas heater failure? Knowing these causes can help you to avoid having problems with your gas heater in the future. It can help you to save time and money too.

1) You’re not regularly maintaining your system

If there’s a problem with your gas heater then a possible reason could be lack of maintenance. It’s actually the number one reason why homeowners call gas heater service during the winter. If you have not been properly maintaining your gas heater, then it’s probably very dirty already. And dirt can affect its performance, particularly of the blower motor. If the blower motor is dirty, then it won’t be able to deliver enough cool air to the heat exchanger. This can lead to overheating and eventual breakdown of your gas heater. Dirty air filters can also cause a lot of problems. To avoid having these problems, you should call an expert to clean your system at least once a year. Regular gas heater maintenance can help you to avoid more costly repair work.

2) Your heater is burning too much gas

Another possible reason why your gas heater is not turning on is that it’s burning too much gas. Furnaces have specific requirements when it comes to the amount of gas they should burn. During installation, you need to calibrate the equipment to make sure that it’s working properly. If you fail to do this then there is a chance that your gas heater will stop working unexpectedly. This is because a gas heater that has not been calibrated properly burns too much gas. This can lead to you overpaying for gas during the winter. And it can also lead to overheating of the furnace that can then cause it to cycle on a limit switch. A combustion analysis performed by an expert can determine if your gas heater is burning too much gas.

3) Your heater is not installed properly

It’s important that your heating system is installed properly. And this includes having proper ductwork. Because sometimes, when a heating system fails to work, it’s not really the system that has a problem but improper ductwork. This is why it’s important to call the right company to install your heating system for you. There are companies that cut corners to save time when installing ducts. If it’s a good enough job, the heater may still work. But if the installation job is really bad, you won’t achieve proper airflow throughout your home. This could also lead to your furnace short cycling more often. Your system will overheat over time and one day it will just stop working.

AC Malfunctioning

AC Malfunctioning? Learn If You Should Repair Or Replace It

Just because you have a problem with your air conditioner, it doesn’t mean you have to replace it. In some instances, you may be able to use air conditioner repair services. Whenever you encounter problems with your air conditioner, there are several things you should take into consideration. How old is it? Is the problem electrical related? These are all factors that should determine whether you repair or replace your unit. Read on to learn more about whether you should get it replaced or use an air conditioner repair service.

1) Age

If you have issues with an air conditioner that’s more than 10 years old, it probably wouldn’t be worth repairing it. Back in 2010, Ac manufacturers started using a new refrigerant which is much safer than the refrigerant they used to put in their units. In addition to that a newer system will be able to run more energy efficiently. Therefore, if your AC unit is relatively old, you should replace it if you encounter significant issues.

2) Run A Duck Leakage Test

If your air conditioning unit isn’t working as efficiently as it used to, you may be having issues with the unit’s ductwork. As air conditioners age, their ductwork starts to leak air. In some instances, it may leak up to 30% of its air, by the time it goes into your room. This can cause your utility bills to rise considerably as your unit works harder to compensate for the loss of air. Fortunately, you can get your ductworks evaluated by a professional. By contacting a professional they will conduct a duck-leakage test to determine how much air is escaping the system. If they believe that the ducts are not efficient anymore, you can get a brand new one for less than $50. In addition to that, a technician can suggest ductwork improvements as well as replace any other mechanical component that’s not as efficient as it used to be.

3) Maintenance

Another thing you should do is, to be honest with yourself about your maintenance procedures. Simply said. Have you maintained the unit? Or did you neglect it? Maintenance can mean all the difference when it comes to the longevity of air conditioning units. Statistics show that 50% of all problems come from the fact that the homeowner did not conduct good maintenance practices. You can determine if you have been doing this by answering the following.

  • Filters are supposed to be changed every 3 months at a minimum. Have you ever replaced the filter?
  • Environmental debris such as twigs and dust particles can cause blockages. Did you ensure that your unit remains free of dust and debris?
  • Units are supposed to get tune-ups at least once per year. Did you do an annual tune-up?

If it is apparent that you haven’t been doing good maintenance procedures, you may be able to salvage your unit by getting a technician to evaluate it.

4) Expenses

Even though you may want a new unit, it pays to be realistic about your monthly expenses. The reality is a repair can help to preserve the life of a unit by a few months or a few years. Therefore, it’s worth noting that you can save as much as 70% in expenses by using the services of an air conditioner repair service.

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When you should call an air conditioner service?

Are you constantly suffering from frequent occurrences of defective air conditioners? If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it is time that you had to replace your defective air conditioner with a new one. Replacing a single unit seems like a bad deal, does it not? Now, if you are suffering from problems with your AC unit, there are certain methods and products that can help you get rid of the existing problem while giving you peace of mind.

If your air conditioner has been malfunctioning for a very long period of time, or the air conditioner is not working at all, it is time to take immediate action. It is also important that you try to determine the main reason for the malfunctioning condition. If you want to replace the unit, there are several options available in the market. If you’re unable to fix the problem on your own, you may hire an air conditioner service that will perform the necessary repairs.

When it comes to purchasing an air conditioner for your home, there are many things you will need to know about air conditioner installation. By choosing to purchase an air conditioning system, you will be adding to the value of your home and keeping it cool in the summer. It may seem like a lot to take into consideration, but by knowing how to properly install the air conditioners, you will be assured of long-lasting cooling and heating, all year around.

Your old air conditioner probably has some parts that need to be properly disposed of, including refrigerant (which is especially important if you are still using R-22 refrigerants, which is now phased out due to the detrimental effect it has on the environment), filters, and other parts. When it comes to proper disposal, there are two options: you can use a pressure washer to properly dispose of the old filters and refrigerants or you can hire a professional air conditioner installation service to do the work for you. Using a pressure washer is not recommended, since it can damage the unit and make it malfunction further, as well as cause more wear and tear on your unit, if not properly maintained. Also, there is the issue of being able to clean up any waste left behind from the process of air conditioning. Hiring a professional air conditioning service will ensure that this waste is properly disposed of, leaving nothing behind but a better-looking air conditioner.

There are many different companies that offer air conditioners for sale in your local area. By doing a little research online, you can learn about a few different companies that specialize in air conditioning installation. By researching about the companies that you choose to use, you can find out which ones are known for good quality work, reasonable prices, and will come out with a high-quality air conditioner for you. This will ensure that your air conditioners will last longer, save you money, and keep your home comfortable all year round. It is also recommended that you choose a company that offers warranty protection since that can save you money on replacement costs and replacement parts. This means that if something were to happen to your air conditioners while they are being installed, the company can replace the faulty parts, and it won’t cost you to replace them.

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The Significance of Air Conditioning Service

Your home should be an environment where you experience serenity and comfort and one such machine that ensures this is your air conditioner unit. Most of the time, the environmental conditions aren’t too welcoming, and they threaten such comfort either through extreme heat, cold or through dust particles present in the air we breathe. AC units do their best in mitigating such threats while ensuring our quality of life doesn’t get reduced by one bit. However, we tend to throw caution to the wind and overlook the fact that such machines require periodic servicing to maintain its functionality. An air conditioner service is vital to the smooth performance and longevity of your unit.

In case you’re wondering what’s the significance and all the jibber-jabber surrounding air conditioning service, here’s the deal.

1. Healthy Home Environment

The air conditioning service ensures that your unit remains functional during adverse weather conditions. There’s nothing more disorienting than heading off to a cold bed or taking a cold shower during the cold winter season. AC units help regulate our home’s internal temperature and ensure that we aren’t susceptible to infections such as pneumonia. Further, air conditioner maintenance gets rid of moulds and other organisms that collectively form in the vents hence eradicating respiratory diseases, which would have dented our pockets in terms of high medical costs.

2. Save up on Utility Costs

Just like any other electrical appliances, AC units are prone to wear and tear over time. A two year AC unit wouldn’t have the same efficiency compared to a brand new unit. Over time, such electrical appliances tend to consume more in terms of power bills, and most likely, you won’t get the desired effect. Air conditioning service tends to alleviate such problems by ensuring that your unit’s efficiency doesn’t get compromised over time. Additionally, you won’t have to incur hefty power bills for the same refreshment and relaxation.

Not only do you save up on utility costs, but also on replacement costs. Subscribing to an air conditioning service ensures that your unit stretches you for a more extended period before finally settling on the option of getting a new unit.

3. Efficiency

People tend to be more efficient when working under desirable conditions. In the office environment, extreme temperatures tend to weigh in on productivity at some point. Maintaining internal environmental temperatures at an optimum level is vital to staff productivity. Therefore, air conditioning service is an essential service that ensures one’s environment gets maintained at all times during working periods.

4. Fewer interruptions

Air conditioning works to produce the desired internal effects compared to the outside environment. A malfunction or breaking down of your AC unit may force you to open up windows or doors to acquire the same desired effects, such as cooling off, which may expose you to interruptions such as noise and pollution. Hence, to avoid such a situation, one is typically advised to subscribe to an air conditioning service for enhanced preventive maintenance.


It’s advisable to enrol in a regular air conditioning service in the event you purchase an AC unit. Hopefully, this article will change the notions and perceptions that people have towards air conditioning services by looking at the bigger picture.

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Heating And Cooling Systems- What Works Out For You


The lack of a heating and cooling system in your home can prove to be an unpleasant experience, just like a leaking roof during the rainy season. Nothing compares to a poorly heated house when Jack Frost decides to unleash his wrath during the winter season. The reverse is also true during the hot summer season. Heat strokes become a common occurrence that may sadly end up in death. It’s a common experience during such seasons; hence, it’s vital to ensure that the heating and cooling system remains functional at all times, irrespective of the season. Luckily, lady luck is upon us as most HVAC companies tend to address both aspects. In case you’re wondering what would be the appropriate heating and cooling system for your home, you are precisely in the right place. Read on.

Central Air Heating and Cooling System

When settling for an AC unit, it’s imperative to know what will work best for your home. Due to the unprecedented developments that we are currently experiencing in this industry, it’s essential to understand what works best for you since some might address your preferences better than others. The most common way to supply heating and cooling effect is through central air, where the house gets fitted with a network of vents. These vents provide heating and cooling effect on demand. The only downside to it is that extensive installation is required to supply the desired impact through walls and floors in every room. You’ll financially drain your pockets if your home doesn’t have a pre-installed existing system that your contractor can build upon during the initial stages of an AC unit installation.

Radiant Heating System

It typically gets achieved by covering your entire floor with flooring designed to transfer heat to every corner, thereby getting rid of cold zones. Such a method is achievable in various ways, with the most common being an electrically heated wiring system placed under the floor. Despite its immense popularity, one usually gets advised to enlist the services of a professional to evaluate what would work best when it comes to your home.

A significant disadvantage when it comes to a radiant heating system is that it doesn’t provide the needed air conditioning during the winter season. On the contrary, most central air systems will use the same duct used by the heating element to provide the cooling effect as experienced in most air conditioning units. For those living in areas that rarely get hot, installing both systems would work to your advantage.


One can always get a smaller air conditioning unit for their house in case they live in areas that rarely get too hot. People have been using them despite them being not too comfortable compared to a central air system. However, the ultimate choice lies with you. Whichever heating and cooling system you decide on, be sure that you end up holding the longer end of the stick. Your family may as well thank you for it.


Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Electricians

We have heard many cases of electrical repair that have resulted in damage to properties or even death. Electricity may not be friendly, especially if you’re handling the electrical repairs in the wrong way. Even if you want some minor electric issues to be fixed, make sure to always deal with a professional electrician. Whether you are upgrading the circuit panel or addition of appliances in your kitchen, you should look for the right personnel to deal with the job. There are numerous crucial benefits you are assured of getting when working with experts in any given field of work. Below are the top four benefits you will get after you consider hiring a professional electrician.

1. Safety

If your house electrical system has an issue, you should consider fixing it immediately. When your home electrical system has a problem, it means everybody in your compound and the neighbourhood are not safe. If an electrical issue is not fixed on time, it might worsen, causing a fire which can damage most of the surrounding properties. That is why, as a homeowner, you should consider the safety of your family and your neighbouring residents by hiring an expert electrician. Most of these specialists will first detect the problem and then work on solving it, guaranteeing your home safety and surrounding areas.

2. Experience

A specialist electrician has gathered lots of experience over the years and will always deliver exceptional services. Even though you might have a little knowledge about fixing some minor electrical systems issues, you do not have the experience required to work on complex issues. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that a highly qualified professional is working on your electrical appliances or connectivity.

3. Saving You Time and Money

Nowadays, most of us own some of the most expensive and complicated electrical appliances. If you decide that you’ll repair any electrical-related issue in your home, then be assured it will take a lot of time to fix or even end up not fixing the problem. Based on the fact that you have got little to no knowledge of this job, you’ll be spending lots of money purchasing some repair parts that may cost you in the long run. You should hire qualified technicians to solve most of the electrical problems since they have the required knowledge to work on the job correctly and satisfactory.

4. Reliability

In your home or workplace when you’re partnering with a particular contractor, reliability is something you always consider. The same applies when hiring an electrician. Before deciding to work with a specific electrical contractor, reliability should be the key consideration. It is advisable to find a professional electrician that you can contact whenever an electrical issue arises in your home. This is among the best advantage you will enjoy after hiring a professional electrician.


When electrical work is involved, trying DIY methods or watching online videos is not the solution. Trying to fix the problem yourself endangers your family and your property. You lack the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair electrical issues. A professional electrician helps you avoid all the problems and deliver reliable services that will safeguard your safety.

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Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Air Conditioning Contractor

An HVAC system is among the most important appliances that we have in our offices and houses. We get lots of benefits from the appliance hence considered a necessity by many people. However, many people use air conditioners without knowing the advantage of hiring an air conditioner repair specialist. You should know all the symptoms of a faulty air conditioner so that you can have it repaired promptly when it has some issues. Many common issues can come up with your air conditioning units. These include:

  • Excess Noise
  • Leaks
  • Fan Running Without Compressor
  • Frozen Coils
  • Excessive Cooling
  • Insufficient Cooling
  • Compressor Running Without Fan

Knowing the importance of hiring HVAC contractors is good so that you can ensure you hire the best. The following are the reason you need to contact an air conditioner repair professional.

Better results

It’s quite obvious. Definitely, if you need something to take care of professionally, you need to hire professionals. If you want an air conditioner installed or repaired, you need to hire the services of an air conditioner to get the best results. Some HVAC system contractors will even offer you guarantees and insurance if they install the units in your office or home.

Save more money

Contrary to the belief that hiring an air conditioner repair specialist can cost you more, hiring their services saves you money. If you install or repair the system by yourself, you will experience future problems with your system. Hiring an HVAC contractor will help you save a lot of repair and maintenance costs that you will do if you install the system by yourself.

Find better options

If you HVAC contractors, they will show you better options that you can choose from. Having many options to choose from will ensure you make an educated decision because the experts will give you extra recommendations regarding the options which best suits your needs and still within your budget.

Get free services

Some HVAC contractors offer free after-sales services after installing or repairing your air conditioner unit. This will help you save money because you will not require another contractor whenever you are experiencing air conditioning problems. This will save you a lot in the long run.

Know how much should be spent

If you hire services from a reputable air conditioner repair company, you will get a free on-site inspection and a free quotation that will help you determine the amount you are going to spend on the project. This will ensure you don’t go beyond your budget since you have the exact figure that you need to spend on your project.

Apart from putting your HVAC system in further danger, ignoring a faulty air conditioner also means you are going to incur extra costs like increased energy bills. An HVAC system that produces funny noise, leaks, and has fewer power needs services of an air conditioner company. Get the full benefits of your air conditioner by hiring an air conditioner repair contractor. Call your local air conditioner contractor and get your unit back on the right track.

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How to Select the Right Air Conditioning System

The HVAC system is an import part of any home or office because it avails good living and working conditions. Imagine how life could be living in a house that doesn’t cool down during summer months and doesn’t warm up during winter. If you are searching for a quality HVAC system for your office or homes, you must consider many factors becoming concluding to any decision. It’s a luxury and valuable item; hence proper insight is a must before buying. You should know the HVAC system capabilities, energy consumption, efficiency, and other factors before installing one in your office or home.

Many companies offer high-quality air conditioner service. The AC units last longer hence giving a valuable return on investment. However, you should set preferences and identify your needs before buying or hiring the services of an HVAC contractor. The experts not only helo to choose the best AC as per your requirement but also analyze your situation and provide the maintenance for the AC systems. They use the following factors to determine the types of an HVAC system to install in your home.

Type of Air Conditioning unit

The HVAC experts evaluate the environmental conditions inside and outside your home or office. This helps analyze an understand the need of the system. They also decide the location of the HVAC system and even the ventilating system of offices or homes.

Number of Rooms

HVAC professionals determine the need for air conditioning as per room, such as shops, homes, offices, etc. The location of different businesses has various needs for air conditioning and ventilation. They will plan out your requirements and recommend an HVAC system on this basis.

The capacity of the unit

This depends on the application and climatic conditions. Also, the capacity of the AC unit depends on the supply. The professionals also calculate the capacity of each unit to ensure it reaches the desired temperatures.

If you are planning an office or home renovation, it is advisable to modify your air conditions with the latest systems. An experienced heating contractor will advise you on the best HVAC expansion requirements. The following are things you need to remember when choosing the right air conditioner service.

  • Hire an HVAC contractor after you do thorough research about their credentials and licensing. You can check with (BBB) Better Business Bureau to ensure that they don’t have any complaints against the company.
  • You can ask for references from the AC company. Contact the references and check if they were satisfied with the services of the company.
  • Ensure you hire a contractor who is experienced and has the relevant skills in the industries.
  • After you shortlist the company that you would like to work for you, give them all your requirements and see if they can meet them. Choose the one that can meet your needs and also have the best service rates besides having the right qualifications.

When installing an HVAC system, it best to hire services of an air conditioner company. They will devise, reckon, and install the needed system as per your needs. They have technical skills and also craftsmanship, which will ensure you have the right temperatures. Remember, the HVAC unit is an essential part of your office and home.

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Know When You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Summer just started, and in the middle of an unusually hot day indoors, the aircon system does not work.  If it sounds familiar, then you probably need an air conditioning repair checklist.

Before your system conks out it shows some signs that the breakdown is coming. If you can identify these issues ahead of time, you can prevent complete system failures.

1. The Air Con System Does Not Produce Cool Air

Cooling systems sometimes fail to work as they should, or they may even stop working entirely. One common problem with air-con systems is failing to produce cold air.  When cranked up to the maximum coldest temperature setting and no cold air comes out it signals a problem.

It may point out to compressor problems, or the Freon levels could be on the lower side. Depending on the particular problem, you may need to replace your cooling system.

2. The System Does Not Distribute Air Effectively

In the event of little or no airflow coming from your AC vents, it signals compressor failure. Sometimes, the system does not distribute cold air efficiently. The uneven cooling points out to an issue with the ducting system. Air conditioning repair on ductwork is urgent and needs the services of a cooling system professional.

Debris buildups within the vents can also obstruct airflow. It also affects the quality of airflow and poses potential health risks. The cooling system distributes “unclean air” throughout your home if the air vents remain uncleaned. Cleaning the vents might do the trick and restore proper airflow distribution.

3. Thermostat Control Issues

The problem could originate from the thermostat. The thermostat functions as the user interface that sends and receives communication from the air con. You can tell that your thermostat has a problem if you have to keep resetting it.

Every home has a standard cooling threshold. When that temperature does not provide adequate cooling, it means that the thermostat could be the problem. However, uneven cooling problems may also signal a problem with the ductworks.

4.  Unusual Noises Coming From The Unit

Screeching, grinding, and pounding sounds from your ventilation system mean that it has an internal problem. When you do not service the unit as needed, it eventually leads to costly breakdowns.

The noises may come from the belt slipping out of place or it could indicate that metal components need lubrication. They could also signal to problems with broken motor bearings.

5. Pungent Smells Coming From The System

If you get a whiff of burning smells or any other strange odours coming from the system it also signals a problem. It could be the air con’s wire insulation have burnt out. Musty smells signal to the presence of mould inside the ductwork or the cooling unit. These issues need an air conditioning repair technician to carry out immediate repairs.

air conditioner service

Most of these cooling system problems are avoidable and preventable. Regular air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups can help you avoid costly repairs.  Tune-ups also contribute to keeping your cooling system in top shape and prolong its lifespan.

The costs of air conditioning repair are quite high but avoidable with proper system care. It means calling in the experts when needed and looking out for the outlined issues. Remember that it is better to fix the negligible issues immediately before they lead to an aircon system breakdown.

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Top 4 Heater FAQs, Answered

As a homeowner, there are plenty of things to add on your to-do list at the onset of winter. And one of the most important of those tasks is making sure your home is properly heated so that it can keep its inhabitants warm and comfortable even on the coldest of nights. 

But there’s so much you need to learn and understand in order to get the best heating option for your home. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! Read on to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about heaters.  

1. What type of heater works best for each room in a home? 

Different spaces in a home have different heating requirements. For instance, a living room requires a heater than can keep the space consistently warm, so either a convection or panel heater would be most ideal. 

On the other hand, when it comes to the bedroom, go for an oil-filled heater or a panel heater, and make sure it has a timer and a thermostat so you can control the warmth if provides. Because you also have thick blankets to keep you warm in your bed, a bedroom doesn’t require too much heating.

You can also opt for a heater with a radiant design because you generally just need to heat the area of the bed in a bedroom. Remember though that this kind of heater emits light, and if you need pitch black darkness to sleep, it’s best not to go for this type of heater. 

Finally, for an office space or workshop space in your home where movement or activity is concentrated in a particular space (for example, your work table or desk), use a fan or radiant design for efficient, more directed heating. 

2. What rating is used to measure a heater’s output?

Space heaters are usually measured in wattage. If you want to convert the rating into BTU or British Thermal Units, you only need to multiply the wattage by 3.41. 

3. Can I use my portable heater as my main source of heat?

Depending on where you live and what part of winter you’re in, it is possible to use your portable heater as the main source of heat in a certain space in your home. Note however that in the deepest of winter and in the coldest parts of the day, you might need more substantial heating and should only depend on a portable heater for supplemental heat. 

4. What affects my heater’s performance? 

Various factors about your home can affect how well your heater functions. First, the existing insulation of your home or building can determine how much heat space can contain and for how long. Spaces with high ceilings also have a negative effect on the effectiveness of one’s heater – essentially, the higher the ceiling, the more heat space will require. The number of doors and windows in the space you are heating also affect a heater’s effectiveness. 

Outside of your home, the temperature and climate in your area also greatly affect how you are able to warm the space inside your home.